Tips for Dressing for Success

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Tips for Dressing for Success

Postby harry » Sat Feb 14, 2015 3:01 pm

Putting an outfit together is a stressful experience we can all relate to.

For decades women have faced the age-old crisis between a crammed, full, mocking wardrobe and the dilemma of nothing to wear. Being a career woman is demanding enough without the ritual morning challenge of finding an outfit that is stylish and professional.

It is more than just the basic 'essential items'. As women, we know that body shapes come in all shapes and sizes and it can be disheartening when the essential business pants and blouse don't have us looking like Miranda Kerr.

To relieve you of some of that unnecessary pressure, here is a guide on how you can cater to your body shape and dress for success.

Column: Athletic, equally proportioned.
Blouses and tops with empire and a-symetrical necklines are perfect and will add shape to your body. Also tops with ruffles, frills, and of soft draping fabrics soften broad shoulders and add a feminine touch.

A-line skirts are a great way to create curves, while fitted trousers show off your slender legs.

Apple: Rounded bust and stomach but slim hips
Maximise your best assets with colour, patterns and skirts with fullness.

Contrasting colours, lighter colours up top and dark down bottom brings flattering and brings focus upwards. Fitted style jackets create shape, and form a waist, whilst full skirts make your waistline look smaller.

Pear: Your upper body is proportionally smaller to your hips and thighs. It is the classic feminine shape.
Focus on creating an A-line silhouette; fitted on top and flowing down bottom (think 1950's rockabilly).

Bring attention to your upper body with accessories such as earrings scarfs and necklaces. Dresses and tops with a v-neckline are very flattering and with a good bra create subtle feminine curves. Jackets with shoulder pads are also excellent in balancing out your body's proportions.

Hour-glass: curvy with similar hip and bust measurements
Wide-leg trousers and pencil skirts are great as they emphasise your hips without making you look bottom heavy. High waisted styles will elongate your legs and by adding a belt, you can accentuate your curves. Create a more feminine look by drawing attention to your waist with belts, tailored blouses and jackets.

Function and Life
Your stylish wardrobe needs to add benefit to your life so some of the simple considerations include pockets, lengths of skirts and colour.

Pockets:Pockets are always a useful. They're great to store business cards, so you don't have to waste time fussing with the bottomless pit of your handbag. Aside from this, pockets are a great for general storage and easy access for lipstick and other essentials needed for that quick touch up emergencies.

Length:While pants are a different story, the length of your dress or skirt is critical.

Stay away from short hemlines and high slits; you want to show off your skills, not your underwear. When choosing a style of skirt for your shape, you need to consider if you are able to do daily activities comfortably. Your choice of clothing shouldn't impair your mobility

Colour:Colour can have a major impact on your working mentality. Softer tones and patterns are great for the work place. They have a calming effect and can affect yours and the energy of others around you. Work with different colour palettes such as blues and greys.

However, when you are networking or attending events, strive to stand out. Bright colours that compliment your skin colour, patterns to emphasise the features of your body type. Play around with mixing complimentary block colours. Your body is a canvas, choose the colours to paint the image you want to be.

Being Yourself
The single most important tip when putting together an outfit is to remember you are the person wearing it. Work with your body and your best features. As women, we need to cater for ourselves, and dress to flatter our own unique shapes. Whether it is in the office, at an event, a meeting or an interview, use these tips and dress for success.

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